Working together to Save the Chidswell Fields
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We are the group of local residents, working together with the community, to stop YOUR local countryside from being WIPED OUT forever…
Stopping this... From becoming this.
By carrying out our own expert led surveys and investigations, we are highlighting the many flaws in the plan for the unwanted and unjustified destruction of the last green gap between Kirklees and Leeds.

By engaging with councillors and local leaders, we are demonstrating the issues that the land owners and developers don't want people to see.

We are contesting the development based on the effects it will have in 6 key areas.

The sections below are what we are doing.

Saving Our Countryside

Over 270 acres of farm land and green space are currently under threat from unsustainable development.

These fields act as a ‘Green Lung’ for the area – We think it should stay as it is.

Saving Our Ancient Woodland

The Chidswell fields are home to 2 Ancient Woodlands and to over 100 species of notable species of birds and animals.

Saving Our Local Wildlife

The Chidswell fields and woodlands are home to dozens of notable species of wildlife.


We are agree with the CPRE and the Wildlife Trust….


They need our protection.

Saving Our Environment

We currently live in an area with good air quality.


This development will change that for the worse.

Saving Our Roads

Thousands of extra houses in such a small area will undoubtedly lead to thousands of extra cars on our roads.


Even the Highways agency think that this is a bad idea.

Saving Our Children's futures

More local development means more children per class and less access to outdoor green space.


We think this is a bad idea and so do many others.