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The Lapwing

Tumbling aerobatic displays, a whirring hum of the wing and a ‘pee-wit’ song. Courtship at Chidswell and Heybeck, lapwing style.

The Swallow – Just Arrived!

Just arrived! This magnificent traveller has literally just landed. Ready for a well earned stay to nest, feed and breed

The Buzzard

Watch out for this magnificent raptor, soaring in the sky. Two have been seen circling opposite each other in perfect

The Song Thrush

Listen out for the song of the song thrush, it repeats a wide range of tunes, each tune is repeated

The Dunnock

Dunnocks are small brown grey birds. Watch out for them shuffling unobtrusively along or wing-flicking and chasing. They have a

The Red Kite

Back from the brink of extinction the red kite has found a home at Chidswell and Heybeck. A member of

The Kingfisher

If you see a shot of electric blue, chances are you have spotted a Kingfisher. A member of the Kingfisher

The Treecreeper

The treecreeper lives in trees. Dum and Dogloitch ancient woodlands provide a home, insects, spiders and seeds for this small,

The Yellowhammer

Listen out for the song of this striking yellow little bird, fondly known to sound like its saying ‘a little

The Skylark

Listen out for the beautiful melodious song of the skylark.  A member of the lark family, they are streaky brown,

The Woodpecker

Listen out for the drumming display of the woodpecker and the loud ‘kick kick’ call announcing its presence and bouncing

The Grey Heron

Herons require unpolluted water with good, sustainable supply of food and safe places to nest. Heronries should not be visited


The Nuthatch

There is only one species of Nuthatch in the UK and that is a woodland bird. A member of the

The Goldfinch

Listen out for the liquid, tinkling song of the goldfinch, often the first clue that they are around. Stopping the

On The Trail of A Kingfisher

There’s something special about visiting RSPB and YWT sites and seeing wildlife that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to