An intro into our articles on Childrens futures.

As one of the most important questions parents in the area ask is “Where will all the additional children go?” when discussing this development, we really want to answer the question properly.

In short, the answer is that we don’t know.

That is why we are also challenging this development on the aspect that we know local schools are already either near or are actually over capacity right now, never mind when an additional 1500+ houses are built in the area.

We are presently putting together some well structured articles that not only discuss the concerns you have, but also put some facts and figures behind the argument.

All the information is available on the government website, it clearly shows that Manor Croft Acadamy, formerly known as Earlsheaton High is nearly over capacity and that the other nearest Secondary school in the area, The Woodkirk Academy is over capacity now!

We think these questions need answering properly and we are preparing articles and letters to ensure they are.

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