The Goldfinch

Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) at Chidswell & Heybeck 2021

Listen out for the liquid, tinkling song of the goldfinch, often the first clue that they are around.

Stopping the decline of the goldfinch was one of the first priorities for the Society for the Protection of Birds before it became the RSPB.

A member of the Finches family, the goldfinch is a beautifully striking mix of red, gold, black, sandy brown and white. The adults have red faces. The males, females and juveniles all have gold on the wings and a long black line down the side with what look like white dots.

You may see them hanging from thistles, dandelions, burdocks, groundsels and ragworts whilst it extracts seed. It also eats insects and other invertebrates especially in Summer.

They are partially migrant, some leaving to winter in France, Spain and Belgium. More females leave than males, they may stay here in some winters but not others.

Goldfinches are here at Chidswell and Heybeck!

Let’s keep a home for Goldfinches here!

Information from RSPB Handbook of British Birds and RSPB Giving Nature a Home

Click here for more information on the goldfinch at the RSPB website.

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