The Song Thrush

Songthrush (Turdus philomelos) at Chidswell Heybeck March 2021

Listen out for the song of the song thrush, it repeats a wide range of tunes, each tune is repeated a number of times.

A member of the thrush family it has a wonderful speckled front.

Song thrushes eat worms, snails and fruit.  They like to eat snails, breaking their shells by smashing them against a stone with a flick of the head.

Their numbers have declined markedly.

The song thrush is Red listed.  That means they are one of the most threatened species because their numbers are rapidly falling or their ranges are getting smaller.

Song thrushes are here!

Let’s keep a home for the Song thrush here!

Click here to find out more about the song thrush on the RSPB website

Fact sources: RSPB Giving Nature a Home,

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