The Swallow – Just Arrived!

The Swallow (Hirundo rustica) Just Arrived here at Chidswell Heybeck April 2021

Just arrived! This magnificent traveller has literally just landed. Ready for a well earned stay to nest, feed and breed here at Chidswell and Heybeck.

They have travelled on an incredible journey from South Africa, across the Sahara Desert to arrive at Chidswell and Heybeck. Listen out for their chattering and hurried twittering trill.

It feeds as it flies and roosts at traditional sites on its 4 week journey.

A member of the Swallows and martins family it has long pointed wings and (usually) long tail streamers and a deeply forked tail. It has a reddish brown face and an iridescent blue-black back.

In Britain the loss of traditional nest sites such as old barns and reduction in food availability owing to changing farming practices is a cause for concern.

Protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Swallows are here at Chidswell and Heybeck!

Let’s keep a home for swallows here!

Information from RSPB Handbook of British Birds and RSPB Giving Nature a Home

Click here for more information on the swallow at the RSPB webite

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