The Yellowhammer

Yellowhammers (Emberiza citrinella) at Chidswell Heybeck March 2021

Listen out for the song of this striking yellow little bird, fondly known to sound like its saying ‘a little bit of bread and more cheeeeese’.

Yellowhammers are often seen perched on top of a hedge or bush, singing.  

A member of the bunting family. It has a yellow head, the male has punky spikes and yellow on the body.

Yellowhammers eat seeds and insects.

Their numbers have declined markedly.

The Yellowhammer is Red listed.  That means they are one of the most threatened species because their numbers are rapidly falling or their ranges are getting smaller.

Chidswell and Heybeck are of at least DISTRICT WIDE IMPORTANCE for the Yellowhammer.

Yellowhammers are here!

Let’s keep a home for the Yellowhammer here!

Click here to find out more about the Yellowhammer on the RSPB website

Fact sources: RSPB Giving Nature a Home,

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