What do our children think about this development?

As adults, we have the opportunity to voice our opinions in many ways.

With a development such as this, the generation that will be most impacted, our children, are not consulted and have no say in a huge decision that will affect their future.

Obviously issues such as Traffic and Air Quality Assessments are still best left with experts and adults; but do our children have valid opinions on the loss the green space they visit with their families? And would their opinions make some adults sit up and think?

The children of today will be the parents of the future.

Here are two examples of the opinions of children who know and love this area.

The first is five beautiful lines from Abie, aged 8, the winner of our Teddy Bears’ Picnic competition.

“As I walk through the fields, I see beauty all around,
The trees so tall they may house giants,
Birds fly free singing a happy song,,
I am calm, I feel safe, this is my escape,
Save our countryside!”

The second is by Mollie, aged 12. This is her objection which was redacted on the planning portal to even delete the wildlife she had observed:

“Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to object to the housing development on our beautiful countryside.

Every year on Mother’s Day me and my Mum walk across the countryside (often taking different ways to my Auntie’s in West Ardsley). Every way we go we find more and more beautiful nature. On our way we have to cross the stream and honestly I have never seen water so clear. If you were to happen to build then this may pollute the clean, clear stream. Also as we walk we see the footprints of badgers and hear the sound of many birds including Woodpecker. Where would all the wonderful nature go?

I would ask you to take 1 walk across my beautiful countryside then re-think about killing all the animal’s habitat. Would you like someone to come and destroy your home?

And what about the beautiful bluebells that bloom every year?

Another point is there are too many children in my area to be able to get into local High Schools. From what I know there are massive waiting lists for both Ossett Academy and Horbury. Where are all these children going to go because I don’t see any High Schools on your planning?

Also, are there going to be more traffic jams because the traffic is bad enough now.

Finally, when I have a child one day I would LOVE to take the same walks I did with my Mum in Dogloitch Woods, especially the time when we stuck our faces in the snow making prints of our faces. How can we make the same fun memories when there is a housing estate in the way?

I am sure there are much kinder suitable places for new houses that are needed in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Abie and Mollie seem to have summed this up perfectly.

Do you have a child who loves and enjoys this area. When the time comes to object in the next public consultation perhaps they could add their voice to Abie and Mollie’s?

After all it is their generation that will live with the decision of the Planning Committee. Let’s ask them what they think!

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